Tristan und Isolde
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The Kiss
The Kiss.

Tristan is orphan at birth. His mother died in childbirth, his father died some time before. He is educated by Kurwenal. He leaves his parental house Karéol to live with his uncle, King Marke in Cornwall. Cornwall is tributary to Ireland, and when lord Morold comes to collect the taxeses, Tristan kills him. Tristan is seriously wounded and only Isolde, the Irish princess, can heal him. During his stay with Isolde they fall in love. After Tristan has safely returned to king Marke's court, he cannot forget Isolde and recommends her as a bride for his King. The marriage will seal the peace between Ireland and Cornwall. He sails to Ireland and escorts Isolde to Cornwall. Love however is stronger than all worldly conventions and Tristan deceives his uncle, King Marke. After he is caught, Melot tries to kill him. Kurwenal manages to escape with the deadly wounded Tristan to Karéol. Dying, he awaits Isolde. When finally Isolde arrives Tristan dies in her arms.

Irish princess and skillful healer. Her fiancee, Lord Morold is killed by Tristan. As Tristan comes to her, to be cured from a serious wound, she fails to revenge Morold because she falls in love with him. Later Tristan returns, to obtain her as a bride for King Marke. Hurt to the core of her soul she wishes death for herself and Tristan. Brangäne exchanges the death potion with the love potion and Isolde and Tristan continue to live. They commit treason to King Marke and after their love is unveiled, Tristan heavily wounded escapes to Karéol. Isolde follows and Tristan dies in her arms. Isolde goes with Tristan and her body drops down inanimately.

King Marke

King of Cornwall and uncle of Tristan. King Marke is widower and has no children. He considers the orphan Tristan as his own son and successor. Tristan insists on a marriage between Marke and Isolde, an Irish princess. As lovers Tristan and Isolde betray Marke. When Brangäne tells Marke about the love potion, he forgives them.


Teacher and servant of Tristan. When Tristan is heavily wounded by Melot, Kurwenal brings him to safety and escapes to Karéol.


Governess of Isolde. She accompanies Isolde to Cornwall and remains at her side. She warns in vain for the base plans of Melot. After King Marke discovers Isolde and Tristan commit adultery, Brangäne tells him of the love potion. King Marke forgives the unfaithful love couple.


Knight at the court of king Marke. He knows about the secret love between Tristan and Isolde. He himself loves Isolde and uses the pretext of allegiance to king Marke, to betray his friend Tristan.
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