Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg
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Hans Sachs

Hans Sachs is the shoe-maker of Nürnberg. As Mastersinger he is highly esteemed by both the other Mastersingers and the citizens. He helps Walther von Stolzing to win his beloved Eva at the song contest on Johannistag.

Veit Pogner

Goldsmith of Nürnberg. To honour the Mastersingers, he organises a song contest on Johannistag. Only Mastersingers can participate. The price will be his daughter. With her consent she will marry the winner.


Daughter of Veit Pogner. The Mastersinger who wins the song contest on Johannistag, may claim her hand. She loves Walther von Stolzing.
Hans Sachs
Hans Sachs.
  Sixtus Beckmesser

Clerk of Nürnberg and Mastersinger. He is bachelor and wants to win Eva's hand. During Walther's audition, he acts as 'Merker'. To his satisafaction, Walther fails to pass the Mastersinger's exam. The next day, Hans Sachs offers him a poem to which he has to write the music. He mixes up the poem so badly, he makes a complete fool of himself during the song contest. Walther, who is the poet, sings the song in the correct manner and wins the contest.

Walther von Stolzing

A young knight from Franken. He wants to live as a citizen in Nürnberg and with the aid of Veit Pogner has sold his estate. He falls in love with Eva, only daughter of Pogner. Eva also loves him, but she can only choose a Mastersinger as spouse. Walther fails his audition to become a Mastersinger, and wants to escape Nürnberg with Eva. Hans Sachs stops them and helps Walther to compose a mastersong with which he wins the song contest on Johannistag and thus Eva's hand.


Apprentice of Hans Sachs. He is in love with Magdalene, Eva's nurse. On Johannistag Hans Sachs makes him partner.


Nurse of Eva. She is in love with David, the apprentice of Hans Sachs, the shoemaker.

Night Watch

The night watch makes his round through the city to announce the hour.
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