Tannhäuser und der Sängerkrieg auf Wartburg
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  Tannhäuser has left the Wartburg in discord. In search of consolation he ends up in the Hörselberg, realm of Venus. He can not find his peace here either and leaves, against Venus' wish. Once back in the forest of Thüringen he encounters the Landgrave and his retinue, who invites him to the Wartburg. During the Songcontest on the Wartburg it appears that Tannhäuser has been in the Hörselberg; he must go to the pope in Rome, in order to save his soul. His sins however are too grave to be forgiven, the pope refuses absolution. Nowhere else to go, he returns to Venus. At the last moment he is saved by Elisabeth, who has fervently prayed for his soul.
  Hermann, Landgrave von Thüringen

The Landgrave is the uncle of Elisabeth and Lord of the Wartburg. He organises the Songcontest, where the minstrels must fathom the 'being of the love'. Tannhäuser proclaims he knows the true meaning of love for he has been with Venus, in the realm of sensual love. Upon hearing the sin of Tannhäuser, the Landgrave sends him to Rome, to ask the pope for forgiveness.

Wolfram von Eschenbach

Friend of Tannhäuser. Wolfram persuades Tannhäuser to return to the Wartburg and Elisabeth, whilst he himself also loves her. When Tannhäuser returns disillusioned from his pilgrimage, and wants to go to Venus, Wolfram stops him by mentioning Elisabeth.


Biterolf is unsympathetic towards Tannhäuser and his ideals. He is the first to draw his sword, when Tannhäuser praises sensual love and tells of his stay with Venus. Tannhäuser replies that Biterolf has never known love and therefor doesn't understand it.


Cousin to the Landgrave. Tannhäuser touches her with his songs, she experiences never before felt emotions and falls in love with him. When during the Songcontest his life is threatened by the other knights, she protects him with her own life. As Tannhäuser leaves for Rome, Elisabeth daily prays for his save return.

Goddess of sensual love and fertility. Her realm is situated in the Venusberg also known as Hörselberg. She tries to seduce Tannhäuser to always remain with her, and not to return to the cold and cruel world of people.

Three Graces

These goddesses of grace are Euphrosyne (joy), Aglaia (gloss) and Thalia (glowing). They are daughters of Zeus (chief of the Gods) and Eurynome. They stand for attractiveness, loveliness, beauty, happiness and art. They are part of Venus’ retinue.
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