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Good Friday
Good Friday.
  Parsifal is the son of Gamuret and Herzeleide. Gamuret has died on the battle field, when his son was not yet born. Herzeleide educates Parsifal in a very protective manner, far away from people and weapons. She hopes, Parsifal won't share his father's fate. Parsifal is completely ignorant and innocent.

Parsifal grows up, and the desire arises to go out into the world. Eventually this urge drives him away from his mother. In sorrow for her son, Herzeleide languishes and dies.

On his wanderings, Parsifal enters the realm of the Grail and witnesses the celebration of the Holy Supper.
  Without being aware of what he just experienced, an older knight (Gurnemanz) sends away him. He leaves the area and journeys into an inhospitable mountainous area, where he is attacked by hostile knights. With ease, he slays the knights and finds himself in a wonderful garden, with enticing and deliciously smelling flowers. He resists the seduction of the flowergirls and Kundry, and reclaims the Holy Spear.

Because of Kundry's curse, he strays for many years before he reenters the Grail's realm. He recognises the old knight Gurnemanz, who anoints him as King. Parsifal heals Amfortas with the Holy Spear, and takes over his office. Parsifal is the new King of the Grail.


Amfortas is the son of Titurel. He succeeds his father as King of the Grail. When he sets out to break the evil power of Klingsor, he can not resist the seduction of a divine beautiful woman (Kundry). He loses the Holy Spear to Klingsor, who deals him a serious wound with it. Gurnemanz brings Amfortas back to Montsalvat, where he longs for death. He is tormented with remorse and the terrible pain of the wound, which does not heal.


Gurnemanz is one of the oldest servants of the Holy Grail, he already served the Grail under king Titurel. He passes on his experience to young knights. With pain in his heart he sees the brotherhood falling apart, with the loss of the Holy Spear. Gurnemanz hopes, the chosen one soon will come.


Titurel receives the Holy Grail and the Holy Spear from a host of angels. He builds a temple for these holy relics, Montsalvat. Knights who are called to the Grail form the knighthood of the Holy Grail, their King is Titurel. In time he passes on his crown to his son Amfortas.

Klingsor could not find the Holy Grail because of his sinful desires. In his wish to serve the Grail, he has castrated himself. In anger the Grail refused him; chastity in this way obtained, is not according the commandments of the Saviour. Frustrated, Klingsor turned to black magic. Now, he tries to seduce as many knights as possible with his flowergirls. Once, Kundry was punished for her laughter, at the crucifixion of the Saviour. She can not die and find peace, but has to fulfill Klingsor's wishes. He uses Kundry to seduce Amfortas and seize the Holy Spear. When Klingsor can get hold of the Holy Grail, the new King of the Grail, he will be.


Kundry laughed when Christ the Saviour died on the cross, she is doomed to forever wander around, never to find peace. She can only be released by a man who resists her temptation. Klingsor, the black magician, is her master and calls her when necessary. Kundry is both temptress for Klingsor and messenger for the knighthood.


Charming girls who serve Klingsor in seducing knights. A lot of knights already succumbed and are in his power. These girls try to seduce Parsifal, but the pure fool considers them  as playmates only. Then Kundry calls the youth by his name, Parsifal. The girls quickly disappear.
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