Der Ring des Nibelungen
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The three norns are daughters of Erda and just like her, primordial beings. They weave the web of past, present and future. The web is damaged by Wotan, when he cuts his spear of power from a branch of the world ash tree. Siegfried takes destiny in his own hand, by striking Wotan's spear to pieces. This event signals the start of a new era. The web tears apart, and the norns return to mother Erda.


Brünnhilde, once a Valkyrie now a mortal woman, is betrayed by the love of her life, Siegfried. Only Siegfried’s death can atone for his infidelity. She reveals Hagen, Siegfried’s back is unprotected by her magic spells. With this knowledge Hagen murders Siegfried. When Siegfried’s dead body is returned to the Hall of the Gibichungs, she claims the Ring. Then, she sets Siegfried’s funeral pyre ablaze, and orders Loge to do the same with Walhall. On Grane’s back, she jumps into the fire and thus returns the Ring to the Rhine, redeeming the world of its curse.


Siegfried grows up in the forest, in Mime's cave. When he reaches adulthood, he goes out into the world. By killing Fafner he wins the treasure and the Ring. Advised by a woodbird, Siegfried awakes Brünnhilde. When he leaves her to perform new deeds, he gives her the Ring as token of his love.
Hunting Party
The Hunting Party.
  Siegfried arrives at the Hall of the Gibichungs, where he falls prey to Hagen’s plot. Hagen gives him a magic potion, which erases his memory of Brünnhilde and makes him fall in love with Gutrune. The betrayed Brünnhilde together with Hagen and Gunther plan Siegfried’s death. On a hunting party, Siegfried dies by Hagen’s hand. His dead body is carried back to the Hall of Gibichung, where it is burned on a funeral pyre.

Hagen is the son of Alberich the Nibelung and Kriemhilde of the House of Gibich. He is half brother of Gunther and Gutrune. With Hagen's aid, Alberich wants to regain the Ring, but Hagen wants the Ring for himself. He does so by manipulating people and events. Hagen assassinates Siegfried in a craven way, by thrusting a spear in his back. Eventually Hagen drowns in the Rhine, where he is pulled under by the Rhinemaidens.


Gunther is the son of lord Gibichung and his wife Kriemhild, together with his sister Gutrune he governs the kingdom of the Gibichungs. Their counselor is Hagen, their half brother, they share the same mother. The glory of the Gibichungs is waning. A royal marriage must bring new luster and glory to the kingdom. Hagen advises Gunther to woo Brünnhilde. With a trick they arrange a double wedding, one between Gunther and Brünnhilde and one between Gutrune and Siegfried. The House of Gibichung will once again belong to the most glorious kingdoms. After Siegfried's body has been brought back to the Gibichungs court, Gunther and Hagen fight for the Ring, whereby Gunther meets his end.


Gutrune, daughter of lord Gibichung and his wife Kriemhild. In the plans of Hagen and Gunther, she has to seduce Siegfried. After Siegfried has drunk the potion of forgetfulness he falls in love with Gutrune. In exchange for a marriage with Gutrune, Siegfried subdues Brünnhilde for Gunther. Only after Siegfried has been assassinated, she realises her role in the fatal plot.


Waltraute is a Valkyrie and sister of Brünnhilde. After Wotan has put Brünnhilde into a deep sleep, he no longer sends the Valkyries to the battlegrounds, to bring him fallen heroes. Wotan leaves Walhall to wander the world, he calls himself Wanderer. After many years, Wotan has returned with his broken spear, to wait for his end. Waltraute tries to persuade Brünnhilde, to return the Ring to the Rhinemaidens, so the world will be released. Brünnhilde indignantly refuses, for her the Ring is token of Siegfried's love. Disappointed Waltraute returns to Walhall.
Depths of the Rhine
The Rhinemaidens

The Rhinemaidens are daughters of father Rhine: Flosshilde, Wellgunde and Woglinde. They lost their precious gold to Alberich, and now bewail their loss. Many years later, on the morning of the hunting party, the Rhinemaidens encounter Siegfried at the bank of the river. They request the Ring, but Siegfried refuses. At the end of the day, Brünnhilde gives them back their gold. Rejoicing, they swim away with the Ring.