Der Fliegende Holländer
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  Scene 1  
Phantom Ship
Phantom Ship.
  A violent storm rages for the coast of Norway. Daland a Norwegian captain, is forced to moor his ship, in a bay near the coastal town of Sandwike, only seven miles from home. He sends his exhausted crew to their sleeping quarters and commands his helmsman to keep guard. Eventually sleep overcomes the helmsman, while a ship with deep-red sails and black masts comes closer and moors along side the Norwegian ship. It is ‘der Fliegende Holländer’.

Once every seven years the cursed Dutchman goes ashore. He can only find his peace when a woman swears a vow of eternal faith. His disbelief in such a vow, makes him crave for the ‘Day of Judgement’. The end of all creation.
  Daland discovers the unknown ship and calls its captain. The Dutchman tells him he searches his fatherland in vain, and asks Daland to grant him lodging for a short while in exchange for rare treasures. He shows Daland a case full of precious pearls and gems. The unknown captain is prepared to offer all his wealth, stored in his ship, if Daland takes him into his family and offers him a new home. Does Daland have a daughter, who wants to become his wife? Having seen all the riches, Daland promises his daughter in marriage. The Dutchman’s hope for salvation is kindled.

Meanwhile the storm has subsided and a favourable south-wind starts blowing. The Norwegian crew is excited, it won’t be long to reach home. The Dutchman asks Daland to sail ahead. Daland wishes him safe voyage and leaves with the words: ‘Today, may you see my child!’.

Scene 2

Daland’s house, in a large chamber. Mary, Senta’s nurse, with the girls is spinning. Senta in an old armchair, stares dreamily at a painting of a pale man with a black beard in dark clothing. Mary and the girls tease her with her friend Erik, a hunter, who will be jealous of the pale man in the painting. Senta is irritated, and asks Mary to sing the ballad of the man in the painting; ‘Der Fliegende Holländer’. Mary refuses, so Senta sings the ballad. The girls listen in fascination.
  Legend of 'Der Fliegende Holländer':

Once, a Dutch captain wanted to sail around a cape. A foul wind and a raging storm prevented this. In anger, he swore to never let go. The Devil heard his oath, and kept the Dutchman to it. Ever since, the Dutchman has been doomed to roam the seas of the world. An angel insisted upon his salvation, if a woman would promise him eternal faith. Once every seven years he may go ashore to find this woman, and thus will be released by her unconditional love.
  Suddenly inspired, Senta jumps up from her chair, and proclaims she will redeem the Dutchman. Erik enters the room to announce Daland’s return. Excited, Mary and the girls start making preparations for the arrival of Daland and his crew.

Erik asks Senta when she will make a decision about marrying him. He suffers from her indecision. Senta shows him the portrait of the Dutchman and says: ‘how can your suffering compare to his’. Erik sees the portrait of the sailor and remembers his dream, which he narrates to Senta.
Angel of Salvation.
  Erik's dream:

I lay on a high rock, with under me, the endless sea. I could hear the surf, while a strange ship brought two men ashore. I recognised your father, the other man was the pale sailor in the painting. You (Senta) came from the house to greet your father. When you saw the stranger, you fell to his feet and with him escaped over the sea.

Senta responds; her fate will be linked to the Dutchman. In horror, Erik leaves the room. Not much later the door opens, Daland and the Dutchman enter the room. Senta lets out a cry of surprise and fixes her eyes upon the Dutchman. Daland introduces the wealthy stranger. With approval of Senta he would gladly marry her off to this man. When Daland notices their preoccupation with each other, he leaves them alone.

Deeply moved, the Dutchman breaks the silence and asks for her hand in marriage. Senta answers affirmative and says she will be faithful until death. The Dutchman expresses his gratitude by saying, he has found his angel of salvation. Daland comes back in and asks if there is to be an engagement feast, Senta and the Dutchman solemnly confirm.
  Scene 3

A bay at clear night. On the Norwegian ship the sailors are partying on deck. The Dutch ship however offers a sharp contrast; unnatural darkness and silence. The girls bring food and spirits to the celebrating sailors. As they see the sailors are dancing without them, the girls turn to the Dutch ship. However, the ship is cloaked in deep silence. The Norwegian sailors and the girls try to wake up the Dutch crew, but to no avail. The girls leave with the promise to return later that evening.

As the Norwegian sailors drink and laugh, the sea suddenly becomes restless and a storm blows up around the Dutch ship. The Dutch crew sings the song of 'Der Fliegende Holländer'. The Norwegian sailors start their own song and try to drown out the Dutchmen. The unnatural storm around the ship of the Dutchman becomes more violent and the singing of the Dutchmen wilder. The Norwegians are silenced, frightened they make the sign of the cross and leave the deck. The Dutchmen break out in mocking laughter. Then again, complete silence surrounds the phantom ship.

Senta leaves Daland's house. Erik is agitated, he reproaches her to have given her heart to the black seaman. Only recently she had promised to be faithful to Erik. The Dutchman hears Erik's outburst, and steps forward in the assumption that Senta is unfaithful to him. The Dutchman discharges Senta of her vow and tells her of the fate he now saves her from. He himself can be redeemed by a woman. However if she breaks her vow, eternal damnation awaits her.

The vow between him and Senta has not been done before God and therefore Senta is still free. Senta, highly excited, answers that her vow of eternal faith stands. The Dutchman reveals his true identity to Senta; He is feared by all sailors and called 'Der Fliegende Holländer'. Quickly he boards his ship and leaves shore.
Erlösung Holländer
  Senta tears herself away from Daland and Erik, who are holding her, and reaches a high cliff. She calls after the disappearing Dutchman: ‘Here I stand, faithful until death’. She throws herself off the cliff into the sea. At the same instance, the ship of the Dutchman is swallowed by the sea. In the first rays of the rising sun, the radiating figures of Senta and the Dutchman rise from the sea. In a warm embrace they float upward.
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